Sustainability Director, Vasakronan AB

As Head of Sustainability at Vasakronan, Anna Denell has overall responsibility for the company’s sustainability strategy. Anna began her career in the property industry in the mid 90’s and joined Vasakronan in 1999. Since then she has held various positions including that of Head of Business Unit, Stockholm.
Anna received her master’s degree in civil engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 1995. As Head of Sustainability at Vasakronan, Anna’s been part of transforming the Swedish property industry, where Vasakronan is now considered the industry leader, also including playing a key role in founding a Green Building Council in Sweden, introducing green leases to the Swedish market and issuing the world’s first corporate green bond in November 2013. As Head of sustainability, she has also been given the opportunity to engage in how to combat the environmental threats facing humanity without infringing upon company’s profitability and people’s wellbeing.