Directeur Développement Durable & QSE, Groupe Bouygues

Fabrice Bonnifet is the Sustainable Development & QSE (Quality-Safety-Environment) Director of the Bouygues Group

Fabrice Bonnifet’s mission is to lead and coordinate the Bouygues Group’s sustainable development approach. To this end, ihe supports managers in the evolution of the business models of the operational units, he manages cross-functional projects associated in particular with the strategy: energy & carbon, sustainable cities, responsible purchasing, circular economy and functionality…. He also provides non-financial reporting and dialogue with the Group’s stakeholders. Finally, he leads the Group’s QSE/DD department and organizes self-assessment seminars (EFQM/ISO 26000) and training for managers on the theme of reconfiguring management systems to move towards contributing business models.

He is also President of the College of Sustainable Development Directors (C3D) and Director of The Shift Project.

Fabrice is an engineer from the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers and lectures at the University of Paris Dauphine in the Master’s degree in Sustainable Development & Organisations, at the ENSAM and the ESTP in the Specialised Master’s degree in Sustainable Housing & Construction.

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