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Logo Novabuild, Congrès International Bâtiment Durable 2019

NOVABUILD, a construction industry cluster in the Pays de la Loire region supported by more than 380 members, was founded in 2003 with the aim of being “the driver of transition in building, public works and property development in the Pays de la Loire region, to achieve positive construction” . The four energy, environmental, digital and societal transitions make up the four pillars of its actions. Novabuild is part of a number of networks such as the Sustainable Building Network of Ademe, the Sustainable Building Plan and Comité 21. Novabuild is a director of four networks: the HQE-GBC Alliance, BuildingSmartFrance, Construction 21 and the Nantes Atlantique Real Estate Club.
www.novabuild.fr | contact@novabuild.fr


Alliance hqe gbc France

The HQE-GBC Alliance is an alliance for professionals working towards a sustainable living environment. It brings together unions, professional federations, companies, communities and freelance professionals. Building, development and infrastructure at all stages of their life cycle – construction, operation, renovation – are at the heart of its DNA with a transversal vision that combines quality of life, respect for the environment, economic performance and responsible management. Through voluntary initiatives in France and abroad, the association acts in the general interest to innovate, improve knowledge, spread good practice and represent the sustainable living sector. It is the French member of the World Green Building Council, a global association of professionals working in sustainable construction in more than 74 countries. It is also a member of the Réseau Bâtiment Durable [Sustainable Building Network].
www.hqegbc.org | communication@hqegbc.org

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